Vistage Executive Team

Real experience fosters real leadership.

Meet the Vistage Executive Team & Leadership

Vistage New Mexico is an executive coaching organization that has assembled an experienced management team with a wide range of achievements in different industries and professions. Each executive has more than 20 years’ experience in executive and senior management positions, in start-ups, and divisions of multinational firms, government agencies and running their own consulting firms.

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Karen King
Chair Emeritus & Owner

Karen King, Chair Emeritus & Owner

Karen’s life has been dedicated to the growth of people around her – as leaders and as human beings. It’s her belief that when leaders develop their skills and capacities, their businesses grow, their employees flourish, their families are stronger, and all of this creates a stronger economy. She has held executive and consulting positions with UCLA and with Fortune 500 companies such as Mattel and Tosco. As a manager, she worked with staffs of up to 100. As an executive coach with King, Chapman & Broussard, she helped senior executives of international firms design and deliver $1MM returns on investment projects. Since 1991, she worked with New Mexico businesses on strategic planning, developing high performance teams, and coaching for breakthrough results. Karen has been a trainer and facilitator for Landmark Education, the world’s largest personal training and development organization.

Karen was a Vistage Chair for 20 years and has been the owner of Vistage New Mexico since 2005. Her background with industries and organizations, strategic planning, and coaching enable her to bring unique wisdom and insight to a broad range of business issues.

Karen received her Master’s degree from UCLA with a Regent’s Fellowship and her B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an active volunteer with organizations committed to global transformation and the end of hunger. She and her husband (who is a psychiatrist) love to travel and have lived in New Mexico for 40 years.