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Tiare Tawil, Chair

Tiare Tawil is a leader shaped by many life experiences and mountains climbed. With determination and her calm and deliberate presence, she has built and led high performing teams, created exceptional workplace cultures, articulated visions and set effective paths to execution. Tiare spent 18 years serving in Human Resources and Executive leadership roles within the healthcare and telecommunications industries. Most recently, she played a key role leading the transformation of an organization to historically high levels of both operational and financial excellence, leading to the successful sale of the company in 2015. She subsequently led the delicate and complex two-year process of post-acquisition integration, while expanding oversight across 10 states and managing greater than 50 million in revenue. She now serves as a Vistage Chair, coaching CEOs and Business Owners and facilitating executive peer advisory groups.

At the center of Tiare’s heart is a passion for helping both companies and individuals achieve their full potential. She sees life as an exciting mountain to be climbed, a mixture of preparation, attention to detail and risk. This she has personally honed, both in the workplace and while scaling 6,000 meter glacial peaks in Bolivia and technical climbs on the desert towers of Utah. She values courage, honesty, integrity, hard work, and always being true to one’s self. These values have played a significant role in her effectiveness as a coach to those she’s led and worked alongside.

As the daughter of hard working parents who never graduated high school, she became the first in her family to achieve post secondary education. She holds a B.S. in BusinessManagement and a “PHD equivalent” in life.

Tiare’s passion outside of work includes her three sons, Daniel, Derek and Asher and husband, Isaac. She loves to travel and is an avid climber, skier, trail runner, mountain biker, and all around outdoor enthusiast.

Tim Dodge, Chair

Tim Dodge is a business entrepreneur with 40 years of experience starting and leading companies across multiple categories including a manufacturing, software and marketing services business. He is the co-founder and current owner of Hanson Dodge, one of Wisconsin’s leading digital marketing and advertising agencies and served as their President and then CEO for 30 years. 
Tim has an education in journalism and marketing from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.  He was a Vistage/TEC member for over 12 years in Wisconsin and has served as chapter chair for YPO Wisconsin and education chair for YPO International’s Digital Marketing and Media Network.

Through Hanson Dodge, Tim and his team had the opportunity to work with leaders from some of America’s most revered brands like Trek Bicycles, Thule outdoor products, Keen Footwear and  Briggs and Riley Luggage. His career has been focused on leveraging changing communication technology to help build strong brands and grow business revenue. 

His consulting experience combined  with his business operations experience and his career long involvement in CEO peer organizations positions him uniquely for his career as a Vistage Chair. 

Along with his passion for helping grow business Tim is an avid skier, photographer, fisherman and part-time home fix it guy. He has been married to Denise for 42 years. Together they have 4 children, 3 grandchildren and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cooper.

Paul Short, Chair

After receiving an MSEE from New Mexico State University, Mr. Short worked at a large company for a few years as an engineer and marketing exec. When realizing that was not what he wanted, he founded his first company, InnovASIC. With only a$5,000 investment, he bootstrapped this company from zero to $1,000,000 in sales. He then raised $3.5M in venture capital, and transformed the company. During a period where the semiconductor industry contracted 45%, Innovasic grew product revenue from zero to $5M, and it was in this phase he joined Vistage. InnovASIC was subsequently sold to Analog Devices.

Mr. Short then joined The Verge Fund, New Mexico’s premier Venture Fund.Altela, one of the portfolio companies was in danger of shutting down, so Short assumeda one-year role as Chief Operating Officer for the company. During that period, hedeveloped, built, and installed the next generation product upon which the company’sfuture rests. The product was responsible for growing revenue from zero in 2009 to overtwo million in 2010. Mr. Short also dramatically improved Altela’s manufacturingsystem, helped drive the sales process, fostered a more productive culture, and helpedraise $11M from a new set of investors.

Short then co-founded Pajarito Powder and was its founding CEO for 3 years. He licensed technology from multiple research organizations, built a team, built a factory, and won the first contracts. Pajarito Powder is now the only company in the world which makes fuel cell catalyst without platinum in volume, and is working with virtually every major automotive company.

Mr. Short held a number of other roles during this period, including foundingBoard member of ABQid, a TechStars-like accelerator in Albuquerque, and founded oftwo other companies.

He is now a Chair at Vistage New Mexico, facilitating peer advisory groups of CEOs and emerging leaders. He’s also helping a brewery get started.

Meet our Vistage International CEO Coaches

Janet Fogarty

Denver, Colorado
Vistage Chair since 1993

The rewarding part about being a chair is working with the members and watching the growth over time that they can’t even see.

“The rewarding part about being a chair is working with the members and watching the growth over time that they can’t even see.”

Janet Fogarty

Denver, Colorado
Vistage Chair since 1993

Linda Gabbard

Atlanta, Georgia
Vistage Chair since 2005

I’m a huge believer in the power of a group. Vistage combines this with the opportunity to work with high-performing CEOs and entrepreneurs. Together we create growth and value for each member, their employees, their families and their entire community.

George Glover

Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK
Vistage Chair since 2016

As a CEO, I was blessed to have worked in five countries on three continents, and I thought that just the impact on people I’ve worked with and led was life-changing. But to be able impact those who I don’t directly work with—and their organizations—has been life-changing.

Allen Hauge

St. Louis, MO
Vistage Chair since 1994

The life of a Chair for me has been extraordinarily rich. If you have any orientation toward learning, it’s the best learning experience you will have as an adult, hands down.

Chair Stories

“Chairing demands I give others the full range of my experience”

Chair Guillermo Hysaw fought racism on the football field and persevered through Jim Crow. He became a pioneering auto exec and, ultimately, a leader of leaders.

Arturo Lopez

Houston, Texas
Vistage Chair since 2014

My approach to Chairing is firm, compassionate and resolute. I come from a military background and have worked hard to be an agile Chair. I help my members bring a warrior mindset to challenges so they’re prepared to face anything.

Liza LeClaire

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Vistage Chair since 2017

It’s not just helping them be more successful, it’s not just helping them make more money, it’s helping them be a better person.

Dwight Frindt

Orange County, California
Vistage Chair since 1994

What unleashes individual’s motivation? What gets team members focused, collaborating and acting effectively for a shared purpose? What keeps organizations productive and agile? These are the questions that drive my passion as a business leader and trusted advisor.

Mark Murphy

Yorba Linda, California
Vistage Chair since 2012

I work with CEOs individually and in a peer advisory board format to help them lead more strategically, effectively and substantially on both personal and professional levels. I am passionate about calling forth a leader’s clarity and courage to act boldly in advancing their business.

“I work with CEOs individually and in a peer advisory board format to help them lead more strategically, effectively and substantially on both personal and professional levels. I am passionate about calling forth a leader’s clarity and courage to act boldly in advancing their business.”

Mark Murphy

Yorba Linda, California
Vistage Chair since 2012

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